Shots fired at Lexington police officer

Police are not releasing the name of the officer shot at Wednesday afternoon, because they say it's a domestic related case, but 27 NEWSFIRST has learned the officer involved is Marty Ingram.

He was married months ago but police say the woman who fired shots in this case was not his wife. Friends tell 27 NEWSFIRST it was an ex-girlfriend. Officer Ingram was not injured.

The property the shooting occurred at is registered to officer Ingram, who's been at the police department close to 20 years.

Police say they were called a little after 3:00pm Wednesday when Officer Ingram, who was off duty, stopped at the house to pick up some items. He had a friend with him, who was there when the shooting happened.

The female who allegedly fired the gun at Officer Ingram has been taken into custody for questioning but as of 5:00pm Wednesday no charges had been filed.