Slips and falls prevalent when temperatures drop

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Slips and falls are keeping first responders and medical personnel very busy this time of year.

Emergency rooms in the region have seen an increase in the number of patients with injuries related to falls on ice.

"We can kind of predict what we're going to see," said Ryan Stanton, M.D., an emergency room physician at the University of Kentucky.

"Unfortunately gravity and the ice tend to be our worst enemy," Stanton said.

In addition to emergency rooms, area fire departments see an increase in calls related to falls.

Captain Les Fryman is an Emergency Medical Services duty officer with the Lexington Fire Department. Fryman says it's not just the falls outdoors people need to worry about.

"Someone might go outside to get their mail, they have moisture on their shoes, and they come inside on a linoleum or tile floor and slip," Fryman said.

Another medical concern in the cold weather is hypothermia. Medical experts advice residents to always be prepared for car trouble or power outages.

"Most people don't realize how fast your body temperature can drop and how fast you can get into trouble," said Stanton.

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