Problem with NASCAR driver's plane causes scare at airport

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He races at high speeds for a living.

However, a NASCAR driver says a different kind of wild ride made him very nervous Wednesday.

As Greg Biffle's plane arrived at Blue Grass Airport, from North Carolina, the landing gear collapsed.

That forced airport officials to close the main runway for hours.

In an exclusive interview with 27 NEWSFIRST, Biffle told us his Falcon 20 airplane is his pride and joy.

He's never had problems with it until now.

Biffle uses the plane quite often when he's not racing.

"Five years I've been with that plane," Biffle said. "We fly about 200 to 300 hours a year, so we put a lot of time into it. It's been a great airplane."

But today's landing was unlike any other for Biffle, and his two pilots, as the landing gear collapsed.

"I realized that the side of the plane was low to the ground, and I looked out the window and I could see the sparks coming off the wings at the ground," Biffle said. "So at that point I knew we had problems."

Biffle says they're very lucky the plane remained on the runway.

For a couple of hours, emergency crews and officials worked to remove it, temporarily shutting down the runway and all flights.

"I was worried," Biffle said. "I'm a pilot myself and I'm looking out the front window at how much runway we had left and knew we were ok if it stayed on the runway. When it goes off the runway, it's a whole different element, a whole different case of problems."

Biffle says he has been in a minor plane crash before, but not with this plane.

He flew home today, to North Carolina, where he says he plans to regroup.

Biffle says he has a week off until his next race at the Bristol Speedway.