Spike in storm shelter business across Kentucky

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Storm shelter businesses have seen a big boost in sales with many Kentuckians wanting to play it safe when it comes to the possibility of tornadoes.

Kentucky Storm Shelters, LLC a business out of Campbellsville installed 70 units across the state last year. They also report a 30% increase in sales following the March 2nd tornado outbreak of 2012.
The tornadoes in Oklahoma also resulted in an increase in inquiries from Kentuckians.

"It's unpredictable. It's hard to tell. Some days it can be rain, sunshine. It could be hail one day, so you never know," says Ross Bishop, a Lexington resident.

Bishop has lived in Lexington his whole life. But it wasn't until a few years ago that a little convincing from his wife lead to purchasing a storm shelter, "She has a fear of tornadoes. It's made more cautious too now."

Bishop purchased his shelter from Kentucky Storm Shelters and considers it a smart investment, "Roughly around $4 to 5,000 installed but like I said, it can save your life so I think it's worth it."

Bishop's fiberglass shelter is designed to fit between four and six people. Bishop admits it's already been put to use, "Last year we did get in their with our dogs as a precaution. We might come out of the storm shelter and not have anything left but we'd have our lives."

Kentucky Storm Shelters expects to receive several calls Thursday following the severe weather threat Wednesday night.

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