State auditor launching investigation into rape kit backlog

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - He's launching an investigation into unprocessed rape kits. State Auditor Adam Edelen says the kits are piling up on shelves, and preventing prosecutors from doing their jobs.

Friday, on WKYT, the state auditor made it known that his office will investigate. They'll start by auditing law enforcement agencies to figure out just how many kits need to be tested.

"The one thing that my office is well-prepared to do is obviously count. And we're also very good at looking at processes that perhaps aren't working as well as they should, and making recommendations for how they can work better," explained Edelen, "I think that there will be a significant number of hits against the database, and I think there will be a significant number of indictments and prosecutions as a result of clearing up the backlog in Kentucky."

State police estimate they have thousands of rape kits waiting to be tested. And while funding has been a problem, they also attribute the increase in their cases to the backlog.

Kentucky State Police released a statement Friday afternoon addressing the backlog -

"The number of cases submitted for DNA analysis has almost tripled in 10 years as the law enforcement community recognizes its utility in more than just homicide and sexual assault cases. A large portion or our cases submitted for DNA are burglary cases."

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