Homes and vehicles damaged in Montgomery County storm

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - On Thursday night, strong winds and heavy rain whipped through parts of Montgomery County, leaving behind some serious storm damage.

Dispatch say they have heard homes and a barn have been damaged in the Camargo Levee Road and Ficklin Road area.

Dispatch also reports to us an unconfirmed report of a possible tornado in the area.

Just hours after the storm hit, we spoke with a man whose home was seriously damaged by the strong winds.

“I could hear the wind coming down the road and it just kept coming and coming. I looked up at the sycamore tree and limbs started breaking off it so I ran up to the house,” said Vaughn Spencer, whose home and truck was damaged by Thursday’s storms.

It wasn't long before Spencer realized that his home on Ficklin Road couldn’t hold up against the powerful winds.

“My wife came running in the door and she asked me what all the noise was. About that time, all of the windows busted out of the front of the house and the ceiling fell in,” Spencer told us.

Spencer’s son was at work when the storm ripped through and learned that his home had been seriously damaged through a text message.

“It’s never something you want to come home to. Our kitchen ceiling fell out, there was insulation everywhere, the windows were busted out and the wind stripped everything off the rafters from inside the house,” his son said.

Emergency crews say about six or seven homes were damaged by the storm in the Camargo area.

No injuries have been reported.

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