Students claim they were served molded, maggot-infested food

BELFRY, Ky. (WKYT) - An unpleasant discovery. From molded and maggot infested potatoes to rotten meat at lunch. Those are the claims of a student at Belfry High School.

On two different occasions, Alix Young, says she and her friends made an unpleasant discovery. School board officials heard about it through pictures on social media.

Young says on Wednesday her friend found something extra with her baked potato.

"She said oh my goodness and I looked down and there were maggots in her baked potato and you could tell they had been baked in there," explains Young.

She says another student's potato was molded and just last week rotten meat was served.

"She opened up her salami wrap to take the pepperoni out of it and the meat inside of it was green." says Young.

School food services director, Lisa Hess, says she just learned about the wrap Thursday morning and they aren't 100% sure what the students actually found in the potato's aluminum wrap.

However, she says it was something that should not have been there.

"We didn't have the opportunity to look at that particular potato, only through pictures. So we could not have it on hand to have it checked or anything," says Hess.

Officials with Pike County Schools say their kitchen staff did not actually see inside these two products but if they had beforehand...they would not have been served.

Hess says the potatoes, served throughout the district, come pre-washed and pre-wrapped in the foil, they simply put them in the oven. Same with the Italian wraps.

"One of the things that we would love to encourage the students to do is anytime they have a concern with a product, they bring it to us because had we known we had an issue with any potato we would have pulled them from the line," says Hess.

Meanwhile, school officials say they are searching for a new vendor and will be unwrapping, rewashing, then re-wrapping all potatoes.

School officials say they notified the entire district once they learned about the issue and found no other problems like this.

They disposed of all the Italian wraps and say they will no longer be a menu item.

The Pike County Health Department inspected receiving, storage, and cooking procedures at Belfry High School and found no problems.

They also checked for any type of insect problems.

Belfry's principal, Mark Gannon, was out of town but in a statement says that this was an isolated case.

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