Super PAC's expensive attack ads driving GOP debate

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - A Super PAC unveiled a new TV ad Monday attacking Republican gubernatorial candidate James Comer for voting to increase legislators' pensions in 2005.

It's the latest salvo from Citizens for a Sound Government, the political action committee that supports Hal Heiner for governor and has set the agenda for the crowded May 19th Republican primary with its expensive attack ads.

Comer has said he regrets his 2005 vote and has pledged to pass a law eliminating the legislative pension system for new officials and allowing current lawmakers to opt out of the system. He says he would be the first lawmaker to opt out.

Comer and candidate Matt Bevin have called on Heiner to condemn the ads, but Heiner has refused saying he has nothing to do with the group.

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