Teen killed in car wreck

Matt Crowe graduated from George Rogers Clark High School in Winchester last year. Police are still trying to determine what caused the crash that killed the 19-year-old.

Saturday afternoon, Winchester police tried to reconstruct the night before's wreck, and while they don't have an immediate answer for the reason behind the crash that killed Matt Crowe, they're certain speed played a role.

Virgil Hill lives right beside Colby Road, and heard the crash while sitting inside his home. "A loud booming sound, sorta like felt the Earth move," said Hill, "and I came out on the back porch and looked out. I saw a truck come down this road out here - Colby Road - and ran over some metal like material."

That material was a badly beaten car.

"It looked like an accordion, " Hill said, "I got my flashlight and walked and went across this creek right here and got over there and heard them screaming looking for Matt."

The Clark County coroner says Crowe died from multiple trauma after being ejected from the car. Hill worries the same could happen to other young men and women if they don't slow down when they drive on Colby Road.

"They constantly speed up and down this road and we call the police often about speeding and dragging up and down here. That car had to have been going at least 120. Every bit of 110, 120 up and down here."

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