Thousands attend Spoon Bread Festival in Berea

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BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - When you think of Kentucky, things like bourbon and burgoo come to mind, but what about spoon bread? What's that?

"It is not corn bread, it is not a corn pudding of sorts, it's more of a soufflé texture," Spoon Bread festival co-founder Sandy Rowlett said.

Rowlett says thousands of people come to Berea every year to get a taste of spoon bread. This year at the 19th annual Spoon Bread Festival, people can't get enough of it.

If you've never had the Kentucky treat before, Rowlett says there are only two ways to eat it.

"It's very soft and light, it's not something you can pick up," Rowlett said. "You have to eat it with a spoon. You're either going to eat it with butter or you're going to eat it with honey."

Volunteers say it's been a month-long process to get together all of the ingredients to make this weekend’s spoon bread. They say they'll prepare more than 300 trays of it through the entire festival.

Already on pace to smash attendance records, festival goers say the unique treat is worth the trip; albeit hard to describe.

"I don't know," first-time spoon bread taster Patty Samon said. "It's kind of like a corn bread pudding kind of thing. Make sure you put honey on it, it makes it way better!"

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