Trooper's grandmother: "The good ones die young"

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MASON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The grandmother of a Kentucky state police trooper killed in a crash is telling us how he'll be remembered.

25-year-old Trooper Anson Tribby died Tuesday night after police say his pick-up slammed into a tow truck on I-64 in Clark County.

He was not on duty at the time.

Family members say they're devastated.

"The good ones die young," said Trooper Tribby's grandmother, Sara Tribby.

He was only 25 years old, a state trooper, husband, son, and grandson.

"He'd come and sit down by me and ask, 'How are you today, mamaw?' and I'd said, 'Fine, Blake. How are you doing?' and he'd say, 'Good,'" said Sara Tribby.

His grandmother Sara Tribby is still in shock that she's now left with one grandchild.

"I hope I don't live to bury my child. I never even considered my grandchildren," said Sara Tribby.

His grandmother says she won't remember her Blake as anything but a sweet, quiet boy who was special to many.

"He just stood out, and it seems that way. That there's just something about some people that just have a glow about them. They're doing good, and they're a good person," said Sara Tribby.

Coming from a long line of law enforcement men in his family, Tribby's grandmother told us she knew some day they'd get bad news like this.

"It was just running thru my mind. Was it Bob? Was it Pam? Was it Blake?" said Sara Tribby.

But she never imagined it would be her grandson.

"I guess we were lucky. We went all of those years, like 50 or 60 years, and this was the first," said Sara Tribby.

But his family tells us they are comfortable knowing Tribby died with several people who loved him and a job he was devoted to.

"He's perfect. And he loved his job," said Sara Tribby.

Tribby was a graduate of Mason County High School and then the University of Kentucky. His father served with the Maysville Police Department for almost two decades before becoming the Mason County Jailer. His grandfather was an officer in Washington, D.C.

Tribby's grandmother tells us the funeral arrangements have not yet been made. But his services will be in Mason County.

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