Gran calls UK offense inconsistent in practice

LEXINGTON, Ky. - (WKYT) Eddie Gran, Kentucky's assistant head coach of the offense, said his unit was inconsistent in Thursday's practice.

“We weren’t as good as we need to be," said Gran. "There’s no excuse for that. On offense you have to be consistent. We have to be better on first down efficiency. We’re throwing on third downs, we’re on red zones, so we’re getting all of the situations. In the scrimmage last week we were really good on third down. Here, I think we were probably a little bit less today on third down. We’ll see when we go in there and we chart it. Just from what I remember it wasn’t consistent enough.”

Gran has been putting in a new pro-style offense, everything is now in and he said everything from this point on is mental.

“Absolutely. They’re giving great effort. They’re competing, they’re having fun. But now it becomes just the mental part of it. It’s all in now. We didn’t install anything today so there’s no more excuses. Game’s over. It’s time for you to learn it and it’s time for you now—this is where technique takes place. If you want to win outside as a receiver, up front, it’s all about technique. Perfect steps, know where to go and do it fast.”

Redshirt sophomore Drew Barker is Gran's only quarterback with game experience at Kentucky. He called his performance Thursday morning inconsistent.

“If you look at that scrimmage he was five for five," said Gran. "He led, did everything you ask a quarterback to do. Then you come back today and not so good. Threw too many interceptions. If he throws an interception and he comes back, coach Hinshaw did a great job today of getting him to recover. That’s what our quarterback has to do. I did see some good things, but we’re going to stay on him. Those guys have to be great. They just can’t be average. They can’t be inconsistent. If they’re inconsistent then we’re in trouble.”

Kentucky is scheduled to scrimmage Saturday in a practice that is closed to the public.

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