UK graduate and four legged friend getting degree and giving back

This Sunday thousands of graduates will receive their degree from the University of Kentucky.

One of those students will be walking across the stage with a four legged friend in tow.

The Ohio native is not only completing her education degree, but also leaving a legacy of teaching others how to give back.

A college campus known for its love for the cats might seem as though its gone to the dogs, especially when you see UK senior Logan Bright and Daisa, a service dog in training.

"People always smile when they see them around campus, one day I was trying to count how many people would smile when I went by with a dog," said Logan Bright.

Bright started a chapter of the 4 Paws for Ability program on campus her sophomore year.

Students sign up and train dogs to become service animals for children with disabilities.

"We have monthly meetings,4 Paws for Ability is based out of Zenia Ohio and they pay for everything. So the vet bills, food, treats, toys, crate so everything is paid for you basically just give your time to socialize these dogs," said Bright.

To balance school work and a dog is one thing, but training the animals for such an important responsibility can be even more difficult.

The dogs are trained to go everywhere with the students, even the classroom.

Sophomore Madison Gooch has found a friend in her service dog Jag, one that has taught her a lot of patience this semester.

"I would wake up an hour early. I would prepare to go somewhere 30 minutes before I ever needed to be there just to make sure he was fed or that he went to the bathroom, that he had enough play time," said Madison Gooch of Monticello.

While dogs like Daisa and Jag are destined to help others, Logan Bright hopes the program has shown students community service can be fun and rewarding.

"Its amazing, its something you don't get to experience that often in life to see something you did going and impacting someone else's life is so greatly," said Bright.

Bright says a service dog like Daisa can cost $22,000 and go to children who suffer from anything from autism to seizures.

Logan will graduate Sunday with an Elementary Education degree and will proudly walk across the stage with Daisa to receive her diploma.