WKYT Investigates: Lexington's most dangerous intersections

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police recently released the us the locations of the most dangerous intersections in Lexington. They're the spots where the most crashes occurred last year.

They're the spots you're most likely to get into a wreck crossing. Together in 2012, they contributed to more than 140 crashes. And the worst of them all - isn't even a normal intersection.

"We've been over here for about maybe three years now, and I've seen numerous accidents," noted Dwight Gatewood. Gatewood lives right beside the roundabout where the most cars crashed last year - at Wellington Way and Reynolds Road.

"Like that car that just came around there. Sometimes these cars that come out of here, they don't slow down. They just come right on out."

"I have seen people get in there and stop to let cars come on or they get in the wrong lane and try to go around, cut cars off. When it's wet, slide into the curb because it's so narrow there," described driver Debbie Brookins.

The roundabout averaged three wrecks a month. The second on the list, Richmond at Fontaine Road, averaged about two.

"I've lived here for 13 years on this side, and it can be pretty bad," described Leisa Dean of the intersection at Richmond and Fontaine, "most of them are trying to get out as soon as they can. And they don't want to go all the way up here, and turn around right here, make a U-turn. They'll just go straight. They'll just cut through there."

South Broadway at West Vine Street, Alumni Drive at Man O' War Boulevard, and Man O' War at Pink Pigeon round out the top five.

"A lot of it is just volume. Traffic volumes that these intersections see. And propensity for people that try to get through those intersections. They're trying to beat the light in a lot of situations and they end up following too closely," explained Commander Thomas Curtsinger with Lexington Police.

Commander Curtsinger says his officers keep track of the crash count, and pinpoint ways to run traffic control to make those streets safer. "At the end of the day, it's gotta come down to driver behavior."

WKYT wants to know which spots in Lexington you think are most dangerous. Comment below and let us know what areas Lexington Police need to keep an eye on.

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