Crime Alert: Another home invasion because garage door left open

Lexington Police are warning people to close their garage doors after another home invasion early Monday.

A woman told police she found a burglar inside her home on Allegheny Way in Beaumont, off Harrodsburg Road.

Police say the burglar gained access to the house through an open garage door.

The woman screamed when she saw the intruder, scaring him off.

Officers searched the neighborhood but weren't able to find the man.

Police say the man did not get away with anything from the home.

Tony Zhai's wife was sitting in the living room with their one-year-old daughter around 2 o'clock this morning, when she came face to face with an intruder.

"All of a sudden, she shouted at that man. And the man just took off," says Zhai.

No one injured and nothing taken, but now the Zhai family is finding it hard to feel safe inside their home on Allegheny Way.

"No idea what this man was trying to do. Either try to harm us or try to steal something, we don't know," Zhai adds.

This is the third home invasion in central Kentucky in less than two weeks.

WKYT's officer Don Evans says it's important for the community to know about this since these crimes keep happening, "We would all like to live in Mayberry but unfortunately it's not like that anymore. You should keep your garage door closed even if you're home."

Th Zhai family admits to leaving the garage door open last night and doesn't plan on doing that again.

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