Woman talks suspicions after bones linked to her missing mother

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CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - We're learning more Tuesday about a woman whose remains were found in a storage unit earlier this month. Doris Anne Wood disappeared from Delaware in 1997. Her remains were found in Corbin after her husband died and his storage unit was auctioned off.

Police haven't called Wood's death a homicide, but her daughter says she fears her father is behind it. Her mother had been missing from Delaware since she was nine years old. She's now 25 years old, and her mother's remains have been found, so she has closure and shared her shocking story with a Delaware newspaper.

Even before the remains found in her father's Corbin storage unit were identified, Jennifer Wood says she feared her father had something to do with the death of her mother, Doris Anne Wood. She was only nine years old when her mother went missing and says she doesn't remember much.

Jennifer and her father moved to Kentucky because she says her father, Bob Wood, told her that her mother abandoned them both and had spent time in a mental hospital. In 2004, her suspicions grew. The main clue being her mother's ring that her father gave to a friend to hold onto. One of her mother's friends had said she never took that ring off.

At that point, Jennifer had a conversation with her father about her mother, and he caught on to her suspicions, asking if she thought he killed her. Jennifer of course lied and said no. Jennifer says she was terrified, wondering if he had planned the same fate for her, so she ran away with her boyfriend nine years ago and never saw her father again.

She learned of her father's death this year in a local newspaper and says she was quote 'devastated but also somewhat relieved.'

The cause and manner of Doris Wood's death are still under investigation.

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