Wrestlers save Christmas for young fan

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A wrestling match may not be everyone's idea of a Christmas tradition, but for a crowd in Lawrenceburg including many fathers and their young sons, Wildcat Championship Wrestling was a holiday high point.

"I've never seen a steel cage match before," seven-year-old Lucas Smith said sitting next to his dad in their front-row seats, "and tonight every match is a steel cage match, so I think that's kind of lucky for me." The 2nd grader is grateful to have anything this Christmas. "This is kind of the biggest Christmas present I got today," he said.

Earlier this week, someone broke into the storage unit where Lucas's dad kept all his
presents, and they took everything. "It's Christmas Day, and a lot of people like to play with their toys, so I think this is kind of lucky for me," Smith said.

But as the news spread about Lucas's misfortune, it had an impact even on tough guys. "I read your link from WKYT on there," wrestler Legendary Larry D said, "and it just touched my heart to know someone would do something like that, would break into a storage building knowing this time of year how tough times are."

Everyone from the Wildcat Championship Wrestling heavyweight champion, to the man who wants his title, and a lot of characters in between, pitched in to make sure Lucas would have a special Christmas. "We can be the baddest guys in the world inside the ring," wrestler Precious Preston Douglas said, "but outside the ring, you know what, it's Christmas, bro. Everybody can be good at least one day a year, right?"

From inside the steel cage, just before the bouts began, Legendary Larry D took to the microphone to address the crowd. "There's a little boy sitting right there named Lucas," he said, pointing to the boy ringside, "He deserves everything that he wants for Christmas."

To Lucas's surprise, his ticket to the match was just the beginning. Wrestlers shook the boy's hand one by one as he realized every present under the tree near the ring was for him. "Yeah, it really is a good Christmas present to come to a wrestling match on Christmas," Lucas said.

Wrestlers from across the region and many of their fans donated everything from wrestling action figures to a brand new bike.

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