UK HealthCare warns patients of health information breach

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK HealthCare is warning more than a thousand patients about a possible breach of their personal health information.

According to UK Hospital officials, Talyst, a vendor that provides pharmacy billing management services, reported a password protected laptop had been stolen in early February.

The employee had access to 1,079 patients' information like date of birth, medical records and medication. Some patients' insurance carrier and ID number may also have been on the stolen laptop.

But after investigating, hospital officials determined that social security numbers and bank account information was not on the laptop and they don't believe anyone's information has been misused.

If patients are concerned though, officials at the Better Business Bureau recommend getting a credit report.

"We would advice people to get a free copy of their credit report, which you can do under law," says Heather Clary, Director of Communications at the Better Business Bureau. "Get one free report from each of the major credit reporting agencies by visiting one website or calling one phone number and having them sent to you."

UK Hospital officials also say to keep an eye on your health benefits. If patients notice anything unusual, they should contact their insurer.

The following is a statement released by Jay Blanton, Executive Director of UK Public Relations and Marketing, regarding the breach:

“There was a recent theft of a password protected laptop owned by a vendor or business partner of the hospital that contained confidential information relative to current or former patients. We have no reason to believe at this time that any data has been compromised, but under federal privacy regulations we are required to notify people whose information was on the computer in question. We are also notifying those individuals directly about what has occurred. In that communication, we provide information about where people can contact UK HealthCare for further information. The classified ad is one other avenue we utilize to let those people know about the theft.”

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