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Sanders tweeted video of Biden from 1995 that depicts him talking about freezing entitlement spending.
Mr. Trump says his meetings with political and business leaders from around the world will bring investment into the U.S., as he took a jab at "the prophets of doom."
The recall covers certain Corolla, Matrix and Avalon models.
A new Toyota recall covers 2.9 million vehicles, including some Corolla, Matrix and Avalon models. Toyota said an electronic glitch can result in air bags not deploying in crashes.
But Japanese automaker says latest recall doesn't involve the volatile chemical linked to multiple deaths.
Travel industry could take hit, with some Wall Street analysts warning the health crisis poses investment risk.
Closures come just over a month after Kroger said it would sell its stake in the upstart natural foods chain.
President Trump gave a speech touting his economic record after arriving at Davos and blasting the Senate impeachment trial. Mr. Trump campaigned against the global elite in 2016 and seized this opportunity to highlight the current economy and his recent trade deals with Mexico, Canada and China. Paula Reid reports on whether he can stay focused on that positive economic message and not on his frustration with the impeachment process back at home.
Almost 63% of mortgage applicants are homeowners looking to refinance. Jill Schlesinger explains how low mortgage rates could help homeowners cut their costs, as part of our series Eye on Money.
CEO Kevin Johnson says the coffee giant will cut carbon emissions, waste and water use by 50% within a decade.