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Low-price shoe company Payless alone is responsible for about one-third of the store closings expected this year.
Facebook had allowed Trump vendor Cambridge Analytica to collect data from millions of users without their knowledge
Rivals to Amazon are hitching their sales to the two-day Prime Day event -- and there's evidence it may pay off
On Amazon's biggest-ever shopping event, employees in the U.S. and Europe are speaking out against unsafe working conditions in warehouses. Separately, immigration advocates are also speaking out against Amazon's reported ties with ICE. CNET senior reporter Ben Fox Rubin speaks with CBSN.
Retailer's annual summer sale brings slew of demonstrations on issues that include work conditions and climate change
The two-day shopping event is likely to bring out scammers in search of your dollars and data
Amazon plans on offering 1 million deals to its Prime members starting Monday, but not everything will be a bargain
Although the country's economy is still growing fast, a trade war with the U.S. is taking a toll
CEO says e-cigarettes aren't intended for young people, but researchers say its marketing targets teens
Trying to make sense of Prime Day's 1 million on-sale items may seem mind-boggling, but here's what the experts say