Bluegrass Hearing Clinic

Address: 525 Southland Drive | Lexington, KY 40503


Phone: 859-279-2614

About Us

Bluegrass Hearing Clinic was founded by Dr. Deanna Frazier in 1997. In February of 2018, two trusted employees, Dr. Vanessa Ewert and Sherry McCall Lanter, CEO/CFO, purchased the practice from Dr. Frazier.Bluegrass Hearing Clinic has grown to 12 locations throughout Kentucky. We pride ourselves on employing audiologists and providing state-of-the-art hearing technology for over 20 years.Bluegrass Hearing Clinic offers hearing solutions as well as other assistive listening devices that are more precise and user-friendly than ever before. We provide noise protection, swimming, and custom wireless earbud solutions, as well as offer device accessories that prevent, protect, and promote better hearing.At Bluegrass Hearing Clinic, we believe our greatest asset is our patients. Nothing makes us happier than knowing our patients feel “at home” and we have improved their communication abilities and relationships. We are dedicated to providing the best services and products in a personal, friendly, and comfortable environment. After all, better hearing is better living.Through our patients for life philosophy, our team works tirelessly in the communities we serve to let it be known that Bluegrass Hearing Clinic is “Where Better Hearing Begins.”