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Commonwealth Smiles welcomes you to relax and enjoy your dental visits. We’re confident you’ll not only appreciate the comfortable atmosphere, but the high standard of care we offer. Many of our patients compliment how clean and cozy our office is, and that is exactly the way we think our office should be! We look forward to exceeding your expectations and hearing you say “why didn’t I come see you sooner?”


At what age should I consider braces for my child?

As a general dentist, Dr. Kress sees family through years of treatment. Once she meets your child, she will take the necessary x-rays to determine if your child is missing any permanent teeth, or if your child is expected to have crowded teeth. The earlier many conditions are caught (crowding, overbite, underbite, etc.) the more treatment options your child may have. Visit us online at to schedule your first appointment!

What should I know about baby bottle decay?

Baby bottle decay is a serious issue not only with bottle fed babies, but also those who breastfeed. After a child consumes anything other than water, his or her teeth and gums should be washed or brushed. The sooner you get your child used to having your fingers in his or her mouth, the easier dental care will be! Prevention is key. Once your child has decay in his or her baby teeth, this decay rapidly spreads and can be a real problem. Please visit our website at to schedule your child’s dental visit.

Should my child wear a mouth guard while playing sports?

Thirty nine percent of dental injuries in children occur while playing sports! It is important that a sports mouth guard properly fit your child’s mouth. It is also important this mouth guard not prevent permanent teeth from properly growing in. We are happy to assess your child and determine which options are best for him or her! Visit us at to schedule an exam.

During my pregnancy, do I need to get regular dental cleanings?

Absolutely! Research done by the University of Kentucky shows a correlation between periodontal disease and pre-term and low birth weight babies . During pregnancy, hormonal changes lead to pregnancy induced gingivitis. Dr. Kress is happy to discuss with you what will keep you and baby your healthiest both pre-term and after delivery. Please visit to schedule your appointment today!

My children do not have dental insurance. Can I afford to bring them in every 6 months?

In the long run, prevention is much more cost effective than treatment. Many parents find when their children see Dr. Kress every six months, she is able to offer the education and treatment children need to prepare them for a future of healthy teeth. Dental visits are very affordable when your child is cavity free. We are also happy to offer our Smiles Plan! Come see us today to ensure your child’s teeth are strong and cavity free!