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We are a family owed business since 2003 and provide quality Stone Countertops at an affordable price. Please take us for Granite at Stones and Granite.

Large International Selection Of Natural Stones

For Commercial And Residential Projects

Marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, and natural stones from over thirty countries, each with the individual characteristics and color that can only be found in the beauty of natural stone.

Custom Design

Our design team has successfully been awarded, undertaken, and completed some of the most prestigious luxury residential, elite office and commercial projects. We can custom design and install your project or work with your contractors.

Our diverse background and support team allows Stones & Granite of Lexington to be of assistance to you on any size project. View our products page for examples of the beauty of natural stones.

Our commitment to customer service and providing top quality products, makes Stones & Granite of Lexington your best choice for your commercial or residential projects. Contact us for custom design quotes and contractor prices for any size project.

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Please send your drawings or measurements via e-mail to: or fax to: (859) 253-4162 and get a free quote.


Which is best: Granite or Quartz?

Both products are an excellent choice. Granite is natural and porous, so you must seal it yearly or have a 10 to 15 year sealer applied. Its heat, stain and burn resistant. Quartz, is a manmade product using 90-93% natural stone and epoxies, etc. It is not as heat resistant as Granite, but you can put anything on it up to 350 degrees. It is also stain and scratch resistant.

What is the best stone to use outside?

Granite is the best choice. Quartz is not meant for outside applications and can fade in time from the sun.

What do I clean my stone with?

Both countertops should can be cleaned with warm soapy water and dryed. Natural stone cleaners are fine and there are several options out there at your local grocery store. As for Quartz, you can use anything, since its not porous. Try to stay away from acidic cleaners.