AFBI, Quant Multi-Manager Platform, Announces Deal with New Holland Capital

Investment provides trading capital and operational support for AFBI to build a multi-manager platform
Published: Oct. 28, 2021 at 9:00 AM EDT

MIAMI, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- AFBI LLC, a Florida-based multi-manager firm, announced today an investment and strategic commitment from New York-based New Holland Capital.  New Holland Capital is providing significant trading and working capital to AFBI, which commenced trading operations in September.

Former Tudor and Millennium portfolio manager, Pierre-Yves Guillo (and other former colleagues), formed AFBI in May 2021 to build a scalable, incentive-aligned multi-manager platform focused on deep, liquid, quantitative strategies. AFBI relies on the career learnings and experiences of its founding team to offer a multi-manager set of uncorrelated alphas. The AFBI management team has leveraged its diverse experience as PMs with top-tier hedge funds to select, improve, and deploy industry leading organizational, technological, and PM management practices.

AFBI deploys a unique set of systematic alphas, including real time mining of alternative data sets obtained from regional macro markets worldwide, monetizing short-horizon low latency FX dynamics, leveraging entropic regimes of equity markets, taking long/short equity positions based on digital customer traffic, and systematically trading the Chinese commodity futures markets. AFBI operates state of the art platforms for technology, risk, and data acquisition that enables them to onboard new uncorrelated products at a rapid pace with minimal managerial and economic overhead.

AFBI enables its PMs to thrive by giving them (1) stability and employment security with contractual terms on risk allocation and payout, (2) latitude and freedom to run their strategy and research new alphas, and (3) the analytical tools, fast market access, and research data needed to succeed. AFBI aligns the short and long-term interests of its PMs with its investors by contractually paying them on performance and by offering to all its employees the potential to participate in AFBI performance, pari passu with investors.

Guillo said: "I have known the New Holland Capital team for years. We are thrilled to have them as an anchor partner. New Holland Capital provided us with a sizeable investment and a meaningful operating budget which allowed us to ramp up quickly with respect to technology, data, and PMs. We also continue to actively benefit from NHC's product structuring expertise and entrepreneurial guidance in the alternative investment industry. There is strong demand for high-capacity quantitative macro alpha, and we believe we are competitively placed to deliver it."

"AFBI has a highly skilled and experienced management team with an impressive track record of investing across different market cycles, which creates an attractive opportunity to provide our institutional clients with portfolio diversity and high-quality risk-adjusted alpha," said Scott Radke, CEO of New Holland Capital. "We have strong conviction in Pierre-Yves and his team and look forward to our partnership."

About AFBI:

Founded in May 2021, AFBI is a systematic multi-manager investment firm that emphasizes alternative data, proprietary portfolio construction and robust risk management techniques to generate an attractive and unique return profile. The firm is led by former Millennium portfolio manager Pierre-Yves Guillo.

About New Holland Capital:

New Holland Capital is an alternative investment manager that manages over $20B in absolute return strategies for institutional clients. The firm seeks to generate alpha across a diverse profile of managers, with a preference for smaller or earlier-stage managers and catalyst-driven opportunities with more established managers.

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