2022 is Going to be a Great Year for StrikeX, Here's Why

Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 9:38 AM EST

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StrikeX Technologies

StrikeX Technologies Ltd, the UK based start-up company founded by a small team of like minded individuals is on a mission to deliver a range of game changing products that harness blockchain technology with the end goal of putting retail investors in the driving seat. These products being developed by StrikeX Technologies focus on simple, feature rich & stunning designs coupled with ground-breaking blockchain technologies to create the ultimate user experience.

For much too long the tools currently available have been lacklustre and skewed to ensure that 'the house always wins.' This is where StrikeX technologies hugely differ, they believe in a better, fairer, more accessible future for you, the everyday retail investor. With the booming interest in how blockchain technologies can rectify the failings of an outdated financial system, the time for the retail finance revolution is now.

According to research from the World Economic Forum; a large part of our future economy will be driven by the tokenization of both digital and physical assets. The business value-addon of blockchain will grow to slightly more than $176 billion by 2025 and exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030.

StrikeX (Native currency)

The StrikeX token can be considered the lifeblood or core of all future products, launched back in April 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain Network, StrikeX has seen a strong and sustained growth in not just value but also holders as more people realize the true potential of this project. A utility coin with a strong use-case, the StrikeX token is designed for limitless utility and scalability never before seen in the crypto space.

What is arguably the most exciting future use-case of the native StrikeX token is it's application within the TradeStrike trading platform. Traditional trading platforms make use of fiat and cryptocurrency exchanges use a variety of digital currencies to execute trades, this is why TradeStrike's exclusive utilisation of the StrikeX token truly sets it apart. Any holder of StrikeX tokens who purchased them before the Q4 2022 launch of the TradeStrike platform will be eligible to use their StrikeX tokens for purchasing Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and even real estate. As usage of the TradeStrike platform increases, so will the demand for the StrikeX token. Users that do not hold StrikeX may simply on-board with fiat or other cryptocurrencies directly to the platform which is instantly converted to StrikeX in order to access all of the innovative features built into TradeStrike.


TradeStrike stands alone as the perfect hybrid of a traditional online trading platform & a cryptocurrency exchange. Tradestrike utilises cutting edge technology to deliver multiple assets including stock derivatives on-chain making them available for trading 24 hours a day, in a slick, user friendly & visually stunning APP.

The use of tokenization within TradeStrike bridges the gap between traditional trading products and blockchain technology.

TradeStrike will offer DeFi inspired features & technology in a fully secure, regulatory compliant CeFi setting. The mass adoption of blockchain technology is drawing ever nearer, we are confident that TradeStrike is the missing piece of the puzzle required to truly begin the blockchain revolution.

(For more information on the TradeStrike platform please click the link below)


StrikeX Wallet

Investors will be glad to know that they won't have to wait until Q4 2022 to get their hands on one of StrikeX's unique and most intuitive products. The release of the StrikeX crypto wallet is earmarked for Q1/Q2 this year. During our quest to build the ultimate trading platform one thing became astonishingly clear; the tools for crypto investors were extremely lacking in major areas. Poor design, limited features and unnecessary fees & restrictions seemed to be commonplace. This is why we have decided to branch out from our original roadmap & develop a trail blazing crypto wallet that is capable of re-defining the future of trading and puts the power of finance and blockchain technology rightfully in the hands of the people.

(For more information on the StrikeX wallet please click the link below)


Currently the Two DeFi wallet leaders MetaMask & TrustWallet enjoy 20M+ user base, with these numbers rising year on year, StrikeX is primed to position itself as a key player in what is a highly active yet underserved space.


Get ready for the DeFi exchange to change the game, in addition to our ground-breaking DeFi wallet, we have decided to build our own decentralised crypto exchange. With trading volumes hitting an astonishing $1 Trillion in 2021, the demand is more than palpable. UniSwap and PancakeSwap see a large portion of aforementioned trading volume, what we see is an opportunity to extend and integrate our very own DEX into the StrikeX ecosystem.

Utilising features more recognisable to stock traders within TradeX such as: limit buys/sells, order books, detailed charting & fiat on/off-ramp capabilities just to name but a few, TradeX will set the bar as the go to DEX for a generation of avid DeFi fans.

Stock Bridge Model
TradeStrike platform
StrikeX wallet
TradeX Decentralized Exchange

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