Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Closed the Series B+ Financing Round of Tens of Millions of RMB Led by Huatai Zijin

Aiming to Accelerate the Upgrading of Innovative Antibody Drug Discovery Platforms
Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 8:00 PM EDT

SHANGHAI, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. announced that it has closed the Series B+ financing round of tens of millions of RMB. In this round of financing led by Zijin Hongyun Fund and Huatai Guoxin Fund under Huatai Zijin, Sanyou also received follow-on investment from the existing shareholder LH Ventures and investment from Qianhai Beizeng Asset Management and Mr. Guohai Xia.

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(PRNewsfoto/Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals)(PRNewswire)

The funds are under budget to strengthen the construction of the integrated innovative antibody drug R&D platform, consolidate the advantages of the super-trillion innovative antibody drug discovery platform, drive the launch of the intelligent innovative antibody drug discovery platform, complete the construction of the Phase II R&D center, and speed up the development of international business.

Previously, Sanyou closed Series A and Series B financing rounds in May 2020 and June 2021, respectively. Successive investments from financing institutions fully verify Sanyou's innovation capability, platform development prospects and entrepreneur team. Investors in this round are very optimistic about the integrated innovative antibody drug R&D platform, the super-trillion innovative antibody drug discovery platform, and the intelligent innovative antibody drug discovery platform of Sanyou, and expect Sanyou's further breakthroughs in technological innovations. The new investors will accelerate the pace of Sanyou stepping into the capital market, which is of great significance to the company's development.

Since its establishment in 2015, Sanyou has been committed to building world-leading platform for the high-quality, high-throughput and integrated R&D and value transformation of innovative antibody drugs. After seven years of rapid development, the company has grown from a team of three to a team of about 300 experienced professionals in the innovative antibody drug R&D and industrialization, of which more than 70% staffs of the R&D Division have a doctorate or a master's degree. The R&D site has expanded from about 100 square meters to about 20,000 square meters, accommodating well-equipped R&D centers and pilot production plant for innovative antibody drugs. Sanyou has built industry-leading Super-Trillion Antibody Libraries (STAL) that seamlessly integrates the "super-trillion phage display antibody library" and "high-throughput mammalian cell expression technology". The integrated R&D platform comprises more than 40 core technological sub-platforms, covering innovative antibody drug discovery, innovative antibody drug optimization, production cell line construction, upstream and downstream process development, preclinical R&D and industrial development, etc.

Sanyou has been committed to providing solutions that integrate "differentiated CRO, innovative CPO and characteristic CRS". CRO business includes 6 categories of CRO integrated services, 11 categories of CRO featured services and 11 categories of CRO staged services, which cover all aspects of preclinical R&D. CPO offers 6 types of cooperation modes, including targeted project incubation and collaborative R&D, to better facilitate individualized R&D needs. CRS includes four major types of core reagents, namely proteins, antibodies, engineered cells and diagnostic reagents, with thousands of reagents on the shelf and many more under development. At present, Sanyou is conducting R&D with hundreds of incubated, cooperative and integrated drug projects and established friendly business relations with nearly 400 pharmaceutical companies, drug R&D institutions and diagnosis companies worldwide.

Dr. David (Guojun) Lang, founder and CEO of Sanyou Bio, said, "We are very honored to receive fundings from top institutional investors, and we are very grateful to the existing and new investors for their recognition and support. Sanyou will use the funds raised in this round carefully to accelerate the construction and continuous upgrading of the three major platforms: the integrated innovative antibody drug R&D platform, the super-trillion innovative antibody drug discovery platform and the intelligent innovative antibody drug discovery platform. These three major platforms provide effective solutions for innovative drug R&D to deliver competitive candidates for all biological drug modalities, so as to connect all links from target selection to drug IND, and lead the development and reform of the collaborative innovation business model, allowing all organizations and individuals interested in innovative drug R&D to use Sanyou's open platforms of higher quality, faster delivery and better cost-efficiency to develop innovative drugs, fulfill their missions and benefit the patients."

Investors' messages

Quanyuan Zhang, head of Huatai Zijin Comprehensive Health Investment, managing director and fund partner: Sanyou is an industry-leading company providing innovative biological drug R&D services. The company led by Dr. Lang has been cultivating in the field of drug discovery for many years, and has been experienced in providing R&D services with impressive efficiency. Sanyou is growing fast and has served renowned global pharmaceutical and biotechnology enterprises, receiving unanimous recognition by the industry. We are optimistic about the company's future development and success in empowering the development of innovative biological drugs that help cater the unmet clinical needs and benefit the patients. Huatai Zijin will, as always, adhere to the investment philosophy of "growing together with entrepreneurs", and continue to boost the development of Sanyou with our own resources.

Yu Zheng, vice president of LH Ventures: Sanyou has been in the field of innovative antibody drug discovery for many years, providing high-quality services and creative solutions for many domestic and overseas clients. Continuous efforts have been made by the company to strengthen the integrated R&D platforms, improve the level of automation, intelligence and competitiveness of the platforms, define the layout of CRO, CPO and CRS, and maintain its leading position in the industry. We are very pleased to see that the team led by Dr. Lang has been forging ahead and fulfilling its obligation, particularly during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic, which is very impressive. We expect and believe that Sanyou will continue to reach new heights and make remarkable progress in the future.

Siyi Cheng, partner and head of the investment department of Qianhai Beizeng Asset Management: Sanyou is a leading international enterprise focusing on innovative antibody drug R&D and services. Experienced in all aspects of innovative drug R&D and industrialization, the company has established more than 40 innovative technological platforms for innovative antibody drug discovery and optimization, production cell line construction, upstream and downstream process development, and preclinical R&D. We are deeply impressed by the company's willingness and capacity to help clients develop innovative antibody drugs with higher quality and efficiency, and we are looking forward to seeing the company making greater contribution to preventing and controlling human diseases. The company's operation is in line with the investment philosophy of Beizeng Asset Management, and we are happy to be part of and support the future development of Sanyou.

Investor Mr. Xia Guohai said: "As an expert in innovative antibody drug R&D, Sanyou has established an international leading integrated R&D platform for innovative antibody drugs. I believe that under the leadership of Dr. Lang, the company will continue to carry out independent development of new technologies and new products to constantly enhance its core competitiveness. I wish Sanyou greater improvement and success in the future by overcoming all obstacles."

Introduction to institutional investors

About Huatai Zijin

Huatai Zijin is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huatai Securities (601688.SH) engaged in private equity investment business. Relying on the entire business chain of Huatai Securities, Huatai Zijin provides a full range of capital services for its partners with the investment philosophy of "growing together with entrepreneurs" and abundant financial and industrial resources. With a registered capital of 6 billion yuan, the company manages funds of over 50 billion yuan, including PE, M&A, FOF, and industry funds. While maintaining its industry position and its solid strength in industry research, Huatai Zijin has been deeply engaged in strategically emerging industries such as healthcare and TMT and has accumulated rich experience and resources. The investment portfolios of Huatai Zijin in the healthcare industry includes: Mindray (300760), WuXi AppTec (603259.SH/2359.HK), Remegen (09995.HK), GeteinBiotech (603387), BrightGene (688166), Aidea Pharmaceutical (688488), Bioperfectus Technologies (688399), Suyu Pingmin (301017), Lifotronic (688389), MicroPort (2160.HK), Vazyme (688105), Geneseeq, Abiochem, Sepax, magAssist, Evercare, and Enjoy Dental Clinic. By giving full play to its advantages of securities dealer system in capital operation, the company has invested in and assisted many enterprises in listing in the A/H-shares market, provided all-round support for the industry leaders, and developed industry-leading capacities of industrial investment and M&A.

About LH Ventures

Established in 2018, LH Ventures now manages several RMB funds and USD funds of a total 2.5 billion yuan. Many of the companies invested by the experienced team have been successfully listed on A-shares market and NASDAQ, with the IRR ranking top in the industry. Boosting international vision, the LH Ventures team excels at making empowerment investment, and has been making long-term value investment in such key areas as intelligent technology and biopharmaceuticals. At the same time, LH has been operating in both China and America, accomplished industry integration with capital, and established a complete ecosystem around key industries in China.

About Qianhai Beizeng

Shenzhen Qianhai Beizeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. focuses on investment in the comprehensive field of health. The founder has been engaged in the management of R&D and operation in the biopharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years. Since its founding in 2016, the company has established and managed 8 funds. Adhering to the philosophy of "focusing on innovation, discovering value, and empowering after investment", and combining this industry-derived investment philosophy with market-oriented value assessment, the company seeks and incubates excellent domestic innovative enterprises with the greatest growing potential, and provides value-added services for the invested companies with its own resources and capacities to boost the development and value of its portfolio.

About Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals

Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a world-leading biotechnology and high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D and services of innovative antibody drugs.

Sanyou is committed to establishing an internationally leading high-quality, high-throughput and integrated R&D and value transformation platform for innovative antibody drugs, constructing a business ecosystem including therapy, R&D, and diagnostic products and services, and cooperating with global biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and drug R&D companies to make a new progress in the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Sanyou has established an integrated innovative antibody drug R&D laboratory of 20,000 square meters with advanced facilities. There are 10 major functional modules and more than 40 core technological platforms, which are featured by a series of Super-Trillion phage display antibody libraries and integrated platforms covering innovative antibody drug discovery, innovative antibody drug optimization, production cell line construction, upstream and downstream process development, preclinical R&D and industrial development, etc.

Sanyou has built a business system that integrates "differentiated CRO, innovative CPO and characteristic CRS", and consistently launches new technologies, new products, new services, and new scenarios base on the principle of high quality, fast delivery and better cost-efficiency. Friendly business collaborations have been established with nearly 400 pharmaceutical companies, drug R&D institutions and diagnostics companies worldwide.

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