Open Heart Surgery and Electrophysiology (A-Fib Treatment) are both close to home at Hazard ARH

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You don’t have to worry if life-saving open-heart surgery, electrophysiology (EP) or catheterization procedures are close to home. They are in Hazard! You don’t have to travel far, and you can avoid big expenses related to recovery far from home.

The ARH Cardiovascular program at Appalachian Regional Healthcare is led by a highly-trained team with decades of experience serving our patients and their families with cardiovascular disease, vascular issues and conditions of the heart.

Jeff Schoen, MD, board certified Electrophysiologist works in the new state-of-the-art EP Lab for pacemaker insertion, ablations and other treatments for A-Fib, heart flutters, fainting spells, and heart rhythm disorders. The EP program can give the gift of longer life.

Whether heart defect repair, bypass surgery or valve replacement is needed, Douglas Appleby Jr., MD, or Lindita Coku, MD, board certified Cardiovascular Surgeons can help you and your loved ones enjoy an enhanced quality of life. To learn more about the ARH Cardiovascular locations or providers, please visit