6 Reasons Why to Become an HVAC Technician

Building Institute of Greater Louisville member works on an HVAC system.

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In partnership with the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville, the Building Institute’s HVAC Program is now being offered for students in Louisville and surrounding areas! Learn the top 6 reasons You should become an HVAC Technician today:

1. Technicians are in high demand.

Every building in Kentucky needs some form of heating and cooling, and there’s a shortage of HVAC technicians in our state and with the continued growth of residential and commercial buildings, HVAC technicians remain highly valuable as they install and maintain the heating and cooling systems.

2. Attractive Compensation.

An HVAC technician’s salary is higher than that of many other technicians in the U.S. According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

3. You can work from anywhere.

The demand for HVAC technicians is in every state. People across the U.S. have HVAC systems, and technicians are required to keep them running. If you searched for ‘HVAC jobs near me,’ you’ll get endless options of job opportunities in your locality.

4. Job Security.

HVAC remains to be a critical part of a home’s maintenance. With your HVAC skills, you won’t need to worry about losing your job to automation. There’s no better time than NOW to start a career, change a career, and earn as you learn in our one year-long HVAC program!

5. Little to no student debt.

Many students have debts accumulated through a four-year degree. After graduating, many people spend their first few years trying to pay off their loans. Through the Building Institute’s Central KY and Louisville HVAC Program, tuition is only $8,000 for the entire year-long program. Tuition covers all classroom instruction plus textbooks, personal safety equipment, school supplies, field trips, lab fees, pre-graduation certificates like EPA608 and tools and equipment used in the school.

Payment Plans are available as well as assistance to find grants and more to make affordability accessible to everyone interested.

6. Earn as you learn.

With the Building Institute’s HVAC Program, you’ll be in the classroom & lab from 6 pm to 9 pm each Monday to Thursday, learning safety standards, EPA requirements, and core foundation work, both with residential cooling and heating and commercial heating and cooling. Each day you’ll increase your skillset and book knowledge.  By the end of this program, you’ll be fully confident to take the Journeyman Exam and become a fully certified and licensed HVAC technician.

There’s no better time than NOW to start a career, change a career, and earn as you learn in our one year-long HVAC program! To learn more about the program, student feedback, and more, please visit buildinginstituteky.com today or call 502-429-0513 to speak directly with the Building Institute of Greater Louisville.

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