5 Tradeoffs to consider in Your Kitchen Remodel

photo of a remodeled kitchen

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1. Daily Use Vs. Occasional Events

The design is usually made according to the space of the room. The area of consideration has to do with how many people your kitchen will serve. Thus, it not only depends upon the number of living rooms in your home but also how often do you entertain and for how many people?

2. Cost Vs. Value

There are a number of designer and expensive cabinet designs available in the market that would not only add a touch of modern design into it but also catch every visitor’s attention. Just think, do you really want to impress all, or you actually need that cabinet? Let’s go through some questions that you should ask yourself before remodeling your room:

Will the investment improve your everyday life?

Will the product solve your challenges?

3. Function vs. Aesthetics

Ideally, a kitchen renovation brings both beauty & function but while dealing with limited funds, trade-offs between functionality & aesthetics may be necessary. Function here means the kitchen’s layout & the choice of whether your needs are met without replacing them with aesthetics that are too expensive with no added value.  The trade-off is precisely a personal choice, so calculate what’s most important.

4. Speed vs. Patience

Patience wins in many situations. Sometimes, it is difficult to handle when the demolishing and remodeling work happens particularly if you are living in the home. So, keeping calm is necessary here. Because there are many cases that happen when people choose only those products (for example - tiles) which are in stock or special order. Whereas the chosen one may affect the entire design of the room.

5. The Ideal Me vs. the Real Me

A lot of people who believe that remodeling can change their habit - doesn’t happen in reality! Pretty is as pretty does, remodeling doesn’t transform you into a clean it before you go if your habits are messy, save time & money by knowing your own habits!

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