Invest in furniture that will last through life’s uncertainty

Sponsored - During these trying and uncertain times some things have become evident. We need a new view on life, love and kindness. We are here at Dogwood Home Furnishings back open after having spent many days, weeks and months at home too. This kind of intense study of the space we inhabit has caused us and many others to re-evaluate our surroundings. Your home should be a place of respite.

If it is true that in life, we get out what we put in. The same can be said for home furnishings. There are many places where a person could shop for value priced items. The question then is, will it last and for how long. What if we told you that budget is important but quality counts more? Say you establish a budget and you shop for a sofa… you might find one and by all appearances it looks good on the outside. The problem is you cannot see what is on the inside, how is it made and what are you getting for your dollars. At Dogwood we show you. Whatever your budget come in and let us find you the best made goods for your money. Here in the shop, we show two deconstructed chairs and are always willing to share how our furniture is made. You will see the quality of goods that we offer. You see, we want to help you make purchase of a piece that could carry you through many years. Good timeless design in a piece of furniture will take you a long way.

Let’s play what if: You get your first job, your first apartment, and now you now need to furnish it. You invest in a quality well-made sofa. The sofa is great. But as life changes so does your furniture needs. Now, let’s say you get married and it is recovered to transition into your first home. It is now the center piece of your family room and you have had it for 5 years. In five more you are going to move it to a den and purchase something new for the family room. The sofa is now 10 years old and still the frame and cushions are sound. How well do you think the bargain you considered 10 years ago would have held up to the passage of time. Life changes, our needs change but investing in quality at the beginning is an investment into your future and I guarantee it will save you money in the long run.

Come in and let us help you see into your future, buy quality to last.

Tambra and Scott Woods

Owners, Dogwood Home Furnishings