Social Work: The Helping Profession and a Rewarding Career

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Sponsored - When people think of social workers, they often think of poverty alleviation and child welfare, but the truth is social workers do so much more.

They can be found in hospitals, helping people cope with acute conditions and chronic illness. They provide therapy and work in community health centers, nursing homes and homeless shelters. Social workers can play important roles for military veterans as they transition into civilian life. They also work to prevent students from dropping out of school, help prisoners as they reenter communities and provide rehabilitative support in drug and alcohol centers. As defined by the National Association of Social Workers, “Social workers are people who care about people, who want to make things better, who want to relieve suffering, and who want their work to make a difference.”

Eastern Kentucky University offers 100% online degrees and certificates for those looking to make a difference in the lives of others. Areas of online study include a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) as well as a Master of Social Work (MSW) with concentrations and certificates in several areas including:

ADDICTIONS INTERVENTION – Learn the practical skills needed to act as a non-clinical intermediary and assist individuals with addiction services. EKU’s online addiction intervention graduate certificate provides students with the knowledge and skill sets required to connect people to programs and professionals providing prevention and treatment in the fight against addiction.

CHILD AND FAMILY SERVICES – EKU’s online child and family services graduate certificate prepares graduates to work with children and families in educational, institutional, and human service settings. Areas of study include child and family services, child development and program planning, cultural competency, and the autism spectrum.

LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT – Prepare for a position as a leader in social and human services with an online leadership and management certificate. Graduates will be ready to lead social change by making forward-thinking, ethical business decisions using learned skills in areas like organizational change and development, grant writing, and leadership in human services.

MENTAL HEALTH – Gain the in-depth knowledge needed to work with individuals, families, or groups with mental/behavioral health conditions. EKU’s online mental health graduate certificate provides students with the skills needed to make a difference in the lives of others. Graduates will be equipped with important skills such as crisis intervention, concepts and principles in behavior analysis, and basic techniques in psychotherapy and behavior change.

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SOCIAL ADVOCACY AND JUSTICE – EKU’s online social advocacy and justice graduate certificate provides students the chance to gain the skills needed to create meaningful change and positively impact the lives of others. Areas of study for this certificate include leading with political, ethical, and emotional intelligence, social policy analysis and advocacy, human behavior change, and violence against women.

If you desire a career that has meaning, action, diversity, satisfaction, and a variety of options, this profession may be a great fit. Learn more about a rewarding career in social work and EKU’s 100% online degrees and certificates visit Or for information about EKU’s online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), contact Laquanda Miller at 859-622-9959. If you would like information about the online MSW or certificates, contact Trevor Jenkins at 859-622-5826.