5 Energy Saving Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

Sponsored - The temperature is continuing to rise, and it’s likely your energy bill is doing the same. However, Elliot Services has some advice to help you reduce the heat in your home and on your bank account.

Upgrade for Efficiency

Upgrading to energy efficient appliances is always a great way to preserve energy and positively affect your utility bills. However, if the big expense of a new appliance is not in the budget, you can make a far simpler swap to save money and reduce the temperatures in your house – light bulbs. If your light fixtures are still utilizing incandescent bulbs, it’s time to make the change to LED or CFL bulbs. Incandescent bulbs expend their energy in the form of heat, only adding to the challenge of combating the warmer weather. However, LED, CFL, and similar bulbs will operate more efficiently and put off a more minimal amount of heat.

Become a Fan of the Ceiling Fan

Creating natural air circulation is a great way to reduce energy use in your home while also helping to lower the temperature – just make sure you turn them off when you are not home, or they aren’t in use, for additional savings.

Enjoy the Fresh Air

Early in the morning and late in the evening, or even overnight if you’d like, open your windows and enjoy the cooler air. This natural ventilation will help cool your house during these hours and take some of the strain off of your HVAC system to save some energy. Once the temperatures start to rise, close the windows and your blinds to help stem the increasing heat.

Help Your AC Help You

Scheduling proper, regular maintenance of you HVAC system at the beginning of each summer, along with standard maintenance, will help your unit run more efficiently, preserve quality, and reduce the energy it uses when cooling your home. In this same vein, avoid setting your thermostat on lower temperatures. The HVAC system in your house can only lower the temperature so much and running it at a low level will only waste energy while not affecting the temperature as much as you’d like.

Fire Up the Grill

Running your stove or oven inside the house increases the temperature and energy you are using, so opt for utilizing an outdoor grill if possible. This will not only make for a delicious dinner, but it will keep the inside of your home from taking on the extra heat.

If you need help making some important upgrades to your electrical system, you want to make the switch to more energy efficient light fixtures, or you simply have electrical repairs needed at your home or business, contact the experienced electricians with Elliot Services in Central Kentucky today!

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