Make Traveling with Your Pet Easy

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Sponsored - Whether you and Fido or Fluffy plan to hit the road or the air together, Feeders Pet Supply is here to help. We made it easy to get all the supplies you need when you shop online. We will even deliver it right to your door!

Traveling by Air with Pets

Sometimes, catching the next flight is the fastest point between you and all kinds of fun, but traveling with pets can be intimidating. With a few tools and tips, you and your pet will have a safe, enjoyable trip.

Make sure your pet has a quality collar and ID tag. If your pet happens to get loose during the trip, they can be tracked down a lot easier. Also, it doesn’t hurt to attach identification tags to both your pet and your pet’s carrier.

If your airline allows small pets to be kept with you at your seat, a good carrier is an excellent way to keep your furry pal close. Some pets get anxious during a flight, especially if they have to be held in a strange area away from you. We carry a variety of calming aids online to keep your pet calm during travel.

Traveling by Car with Pets

There’s nothing quite like a road trip, especially when your best friend is riding shotgun—or, rather, in the back seat. Be sure to grab a dog barrier for your car to keep Fido safely tucked away in the back seat while you drive. As much as dogs can enjoy riding, if they are allowed to free roam in the car, it can put you both at risk.

Cats can be a little less excited about car travel, so it is always best to contain your feline in a comfortable carrier. Whether you are hitting the open road with a cat or a dog, grab a few supplies for the trip, such as:

Few things are as enjoyable as getting out of town for a while with your favorite friend in tow. Shop online with Feeders Pet Supply to get all the supplies you need.