Busting the Top 4 Myths of Hospice Care


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  • Is it true that Hospice patients receive a shot to hasten death?

The myth that Hospice Care involves giving patients a shot to speed up the dying process is simply not true. Hospice does provide comfort measures to keep patients from experiencing distress and pain, but the notion that Hospice hastens death is a myth. The goal is to keep patients comfortable and to finish life’s final season with dignity.

No, there are many types of patients receiving Hospice Care today. Cancer represents about 35% of patients receiving Hospice services today which is followed by diseases like COPD, Congestive Heart Failure, and Dementia to name a few.

  • Is Hospice Care only available for patients that have just a few days to live?

The eligibility requirements for Hospice Care is based upon a rough estimate or prognosis of 6 months or less. There are patients that receive Hospice services for over a year at times and there are patients that have Hospice Care for just a few days. The myth that Hospice is just for patients with a few days to live is not true. The average length of stay for patients at Hospice of Lake Cumberland in 2022 was over 40 days.

  • Will my family member need to sell their property like a farm in order to receive Hospice services?

No, Hospice does not require people to liquidate personal property like a farm to receive Hospice services. Hospice does accept insurances like Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance providers, but this myth that Hospice will take your personal assets is not true. Hospice of Lake Cumberland (HLC) is a non-profit organization. HLC does not deny services to qualified patients based upon their ability to pay.

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