Diets with Lean Beef Support Weight Loss, Lean Bodies and Heart Health

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Higher-protein diets are becoming more and more popular as people seek new ways to achieve weight loss that will also keep them feeling full and satisfied. New research, called the Beef WISE (Weight Improvement, Satisfaction and Energy) Study shows that lean beef can be as effective as other proteins for weight loss potential.

Eating lean beef, as part of a healthy, higher-protein diet, combined with exercise, can help people lose weight and fat mass while maintaining lean muscle and supporting a healthy heart.


Weight loss should result in decreased body weight while preserving lean muscle to achieve a healthy body composition and overall strength. In this new study, lean beef – as part of a healthy, higher-protein diet, combined with exercise – helped people lose fat while preserving lean muscle. In fact, 90-95% of the weight lost came from fat.


While following a higher-protein diet with lean beef, participants in the same study not only effectively lost weight and improved lean body composition – they also did so without negatively impacting risk factors for heart disease, such as total or LDL cholesterol or blood pressure.


Including a variety of foods people already enjoy can help them embrace and adhere to a healthy diet. This recent research study demonstrates that lean beef doesn’t have to be restricted in a higher-protein, weight loss diet and contributes to the growing body of evidence demonstrating the positive role of lean beef in a healthy diet.

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