Kids Cooking Beef: Fueling Their Body and Mind

Sponsored - It has been hot here in Kentucky the past few weeks and so many parents are looking for activities inside for kiddos to get involved in. The Kentucky Beef Council has provided recipes that are kid friendly both nutritionally and in simple-easy instructions.

Beef is part of a balanced healthy diet. Our bodies need 20 amino acids, but only nine are essential, meaning they must come from food. Your body can make the remaining essential amino acids. Proteins that contain all nine essential amino acids in proportions most useful to the body are considered complete or high-quality proteins. Proteins sourced from animal foods are complete proteins, including beef. These essential nutrient and what your body uses them for are included below:

Learn more about the nutrients beef is providing your family here.

But beef can do so much more than just fuel our families. “Getting kids in the kitchen teaches them not only valuable cooking skills. They are applying math in measuring ingredients and science in why certain steps have to be done.” Niki Ellis, Director of Education for the Kentucky Beef Council commented “Not to mention, letting them have control over the cooking process in most cases makes them more apt to finish their plate.”

Here are some of our favorite kid friendly recipes:

Roast Beef & Veggie Wraps: Want to change up the traditional Roast Beef sandwich? Try it as a wrap with some broccoli slaw that parents and kids will both love.

Easy Beef Breakfast Rolls: Homemade Ground Beef Breakfast Sausage is mixed with eggs and cheese inside soft doughy rolls and baked to perfection.

English Muffin Cheeseburger Pizzas: Cheeseburgers and pizza? Two of our favorite things, combined into one.

As we enter grilling season the Kentucky Beef Council has been providing grilling tips and recipes to make sure any summer grilling event is a success. For additional recipes and information about beef visit Follow Kentucky Beef Council on Facebook and Instagram for daily recipes, cattle producer stories and the latest beef news.