Make Meal Prep Easy for End of the School Year

KY Beef Council

Sponsored - The end of the school year comes with lots of extra events and late nights, save time and money, while getting a nutritious, balanced meal on the table for your family, keeping them strong and focused for everyday success. Thanks to the popularity of new programmable electric models, busy home cooks are rediscovering how pressure cookers deliver fork-tender results in a fraction of the time needed for braising or slow-cooking.

Beef is a perfect protein that allows you to cook once and use it to feed your family multiple times throughout the week. The ease and versatility of pressure cooking allows less time in the kitchen and more family time. Just throw a roast in the pressure cooker at the beginning of the week and enjoy pre-planned meals for the next few days!

Start with a cut that is ideal for pressure cooking or slow cooking, such as a chuck shoulder or round roast. Shred your roast and split the meat and assemble your meals. Finally, you seal and store in the fridge for convenient, balanced and nutritious meals.

Click HERE for this perfect recipe using a shoulder roast to make four different meals. Enjoy a new flavor each night with Mexican, BBQ, Asian and Indian shredded beef.

Once complete, sit back and relax with the ones you love most! Visit for more easy recipes!

KY Beef Council