Get screened for colon cancer

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Sponsored - Kentucky ranks in the top 10 in the United States for colon cancer incidence and mortality. It’s important to understand your screening options and ways to also prevent this type of cancer.

Along with timely colon cancer screening, it is important to also discuss family health history with family members. There are technologies that are allowing detection through DNA and genetic testing that can provide additional information about your risk. We encourage you to also talk with your primary care provider to discuss which testing options are best for you.

The updated age for colon screening is 45 years old or sooner for high risk individuals. Several high risk factors include family history of colon cancer, family history of precancerous polyps, increased bright red blood in your stool, changes in bowel habits lasting greater than 2 weeks, and unintended weight loss. Talk to your doctor, if you are experiencing any issues.

Kentucky CancerLink can connect you to several options for colon cancer screening, including at-home tests, FIT (Fecal Immunochemical Test) and Cologuard (DNA Stool Test), or colonoscopy. Depending on a few eligibility requirements (age, Kentucky resident, and individual annual income), you may qualify for a FREE test with funding provided by the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program.

Kentucky CancerLink is a 501(c)3, grassroots nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce barriers to screening, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Let us be your link to hope. Learn more by calling 859-309-1700 (toll-free 877-597-4655) or by visiting