4 Reasons to Hire a Professional for you Holiday Lighting

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Did you know it is estimated that more than 80 million homes are decorated with holiday lights each year? Skip the hassle of buying lights, untangling cords, and climbing on the ladder by hiring a pro at 4 Seasons Outdoor Services for holiday light installation!

  1. Hiring a professional can save you time. It’s no secret that major planning goes into the holiday season each year with shopping, cooking, travel arrangements and more that make adding something like hanging lights seem daunting, and maybe not a priority. When you hire a pro it can minimizing that holiday stress and making the season a little easier to enjoy before, during, AND after.
  2. Reduces the risk of injury or accident. Decorating your home can require climbing a high ladder and putting yourself in dangerous positions. 4 Seasons has expertise under their belt with over 75 homes and businesses last year alone, to ensure things are done right because the last thing you want is to spoil your holiday fun with an injury or an electrical accident.
  3. Customize your design. Hiring a talented professional with ideas, experience, and unlimited color lighting options can make your home the talk of the town––and the shining inspiration of your neighborhood.
  4. Maximize storage space. 4 Seasons Outdoor Services not only buys and installs your lights, but they come back to remove and store them for you! No more hopping back on the ladder to get your lights down then lugging boxes back to the attic each year.
4 Seasons Outdoor Services

4 Seasons Outdoor Services can check one important item off your to-do list, minimizing holiday stress and making the season a little easier, because yes - it’s already here! Our schedule is already starting to fill up for installation, be sure to call us at (859) 595-4642 before November 1st for special discounted pricing.

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