World-Class Laser Hair Removal Technology That Gets Permanent Results Has Come to Lexington!

Uptown Laser Hair Removal

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For many years only the big corporate chains have offered Lexington the best laser technology in the world, albeit at a huge price tag. Candela lasers is the technology that permanently removes unwanted hair from your body if used by a trained nurse with the expertise to unlock its vast power. The GentleMax Pro laser has been clinically proven to destroy 80% of treated hair after 4 treatments. Highly trained nurses who know how to manipulate the laser’s settings can get these results, and then with a handful more customized treatments remove the rest, so you do not have to shave, wax, or tweeze anymore!

Ever since Uptown Laser has begun serving Central Kentucky a few years ago, local people (of all skin colors) have been treated to world-class results at a fraction of the cost of the national chains. The key to getting lasting results so you don’t have to keep going back for laser hair removal treatments year after year is to find a medical professional with the expertise to unlock the full potential of the laser. The laser is manufactured by Candela, and Uptown Laser Hair Removal, owned by hometown “Nurse Kathy” (who has performed over 30,000 treatments over the years), is the only clinic in Central Kentucky with Candela’s latest technology called the GentleMax Pro Plus. This laser is not only effective, but super-FAST. A large area (full back for example), can be treated in as little as 10 minutes over your lunch break, dramatically saving you valuable time.

The laser technology represents only half the magic. The other half is the user! The results of the average Jane hopping on a powerful, athletic thoroughbred in the Kentucky Derby would be quite different from a trained jockey at the reins. In laser hair removal world, the “thoroughbred” is the sophisticated Candela laser. In the hands of a trained, knowledgeable medical professional who knows how to manipulate the laser to get safe and effective results, the laser becomes a magic eraser of unwanted hair on your body and together they crush the Kentucky Derby field, just as legendary Secretariat did. This is the magic that Nurse Kathy and her trained nurses offer local guests who want to get their hair removed forever. The “Secretariat” results Uptown Laser gets are so impressive many guests travel in from great distances to take advantage of Uptown’s famous Red-Carpet service and elite results at half the price of the national chains. Imagine no more hair on your face, or no more in-grown hairs on your problem areas. Imagine smooth legs or a smooth, razor burn free bikini area. Uptown Laser gives you this at sensational pricing with payment plan options that fit most anybody’s budget. Save money on razors or waxing by getting permanent hair removal.

With summer around the corner, many of our guests choose to get treatments on their underarms or bikini or Brazilian areas as those areas can be more easily kept out of the sun. Visit to request a free assessment, or call or text us directly at 859-407-7579. You can text us right now on your phone! Just introduce yourself and say you’d like a free assessment, and Uptown Laser’s staff will reach out to you quickly.

Uptown Laser Hair Removal