Horsemen Change Name, Owners

Lexington, KY.-A press conference was held today to announce a much anticipated change in the Lexington AF2 Horsemen. The team will now be run by a non-profit entity. It was announced that Lennie and Vicki House have gifted the Horsemen team and all its assets to the Horsemen Charitable Foundation and the community. Chairmon of the foundation, Phil Harmon and Mayor Jim Newbery accepted the team on behalf of the foundation and the community.

One of the first orders of business was to change the name of the team to "Kentucky Horsemen".

AF2 president Jerry Kurz released this statement saying "We support the development of this new charitable foundation by the Horsemen and feel it's a positive step for the AF2 because it ensures us that one of our valuable league members will continue to call Lexington it's home."

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