Caliapri says Brad wants to coach, what about play?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK coach John Calipari told a UK alumni group in Louisville Monday his son Brad has told him he'd like to get into coaching. Brad Calipari has joined his father's team for the coming season.

"For the first time he sat down and said, "Dad I think I want to get into coaching.' I said well, then this is a good place. I can make you go to the film room, you can learn it, you're around us, if that is what you choose to do. But don't do it because I'm doing it. You do it because it is something you want to do."

How much playing time the younger Calipari will see remains a question with Calipari's wife Ellen.

"Now my wife, she thinks he's playing," Calipari joked. "Like, 'you're gonna play him,' and I said, 'Ellen, stop now! She says 'you think I'm kidding?' She's like, 'You'll see! You'll play him!"