Miller makes Lexington Legends history

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) This is Anderson Miller. He is the newest addition to the Legends roster.

"This is just a great opportunity," says Anderson's father, Lionell. "Just an awesome awesome experience. Just happy for him, really happy."

Miller was taken in the third round after a stellar career at WKU where he always seemed to do damage against UK. With the MLB Draft underway in June, Anderson was eagerly watching.

"You know, I knew the Royals were interested and their pick came up. They were on the clock on my lap top and my phone wasn't ringing, and I looked up and I kinda did a double-take and I said 'holy crap. that's my name!' I thought about it when I got drafted and I was like the Legends, the Legends are affiliated with the Royals and when I got the call about a week ago that I was coming back home, I was really excited and glad to be able to play in front of my friends and family."

That's right, Anderson is home. He played at Lafayette and becomes the first Legends player in the franchise's history to be from Lexington. It's also like the Millers have been able to turn back the clock.

"Man it's weird," Anderson says with a huge smile. "I'm staying at home just like high school, but I'm coming to play pro ball every day. That's awesome."

Anderson's mother, Kelli, agrees.

"It's wonderful. When I think about, just like yesterday, he was a Royal at Shillito Park. Then to become a big Royal and now to be back home, I'm so happy for him."

Miller is just 21 years-old and being back in Lexington is a great way to start a professional career.

"This is almost the perfect situation, I believe. Being at home and being able to be close to home and play in front of my friends and family. This is just going to be awesome."

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