Poythress works out for 76ers

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Alex Poythress spent Thursday in Philadelphia working out for the 76ers and he believes it went well. The former Wildcat called it one of his best workouts so far.

"Just the energy from start to finish," said Poythress. "Attacking the rim, hitting shots, playing defense."

In his four years at Kentucky, Poythress had a chance to play with one great player after another. Now he's looking forward to competing against them at a higher level.

"Oh ya know it's crazy, you get to play with the best," said Poythress.
"Each and every day, everything, every year you've got guys going to the next level, I'm just greatful to get my opportunity now. Played with a lot of them, I'm just happy to be up there with them."

Poythress played one season with Nerlens Noel and he has a lot of good memories of the 76ers big man.

"Oh I remember a couple, I remember a couple," said Poythress. "But Nerlens is a great due, one of my boys. I see him everytime he comes down to Lex. I probably need to hit him up and see where he's at now. But he's one of the best, really good dude."

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