The movie "23 Blast" centers on Corbin, KY

On a Tuesday night in the middle of April in south east Kentucky, it's football season. Or at least it appears to be.

This month Corbin, KY, the town of seven thousand, best known for the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken, has become the set for a full-length feature film titled "23 Blast".

"23 Blast is all about a man named Travis Freeman who played football here in Corbin and he contracted a disease that left him blind," says Director Dylan Baker.

We first caught up with Travis in 1998 during his senior year at Corbin.

"I've learned to learn," says Travis.

At that time Travis used football to birng him normalcy, now director Dylan Baker hopes Travis' story will inspire others.

"Travis Freeman has been robbed of his sight but he got so much more out of it," says Baker.

The story of Travis Freeman centers around the obstacles he overcame on this football field. That's why it was important for director Dylan Baker to film the movie here in Corbin.

"There something about doing a film where it actually happened, and you've got the locations where things happened," says Baker.

"To be around the people and the attitudes and see how much passion and pride goes into not only the city and state of Corbin, KY but into the game, the high school football world, and that really means so much to everybody," says actor Max Adler.

On this particualr day of filming, Travis' parents Larry and Marry Freeman were on hand to watch.

"We believe it's a great story because not only him overcoming the odds but his great faith," says Larry Freeman.

"23 Blast is just a play that resonates throught the story and our fans at home will have to find out how it resonates in the end," says Baker.

A movie that will resonate with Travis despite the reality that he will never see it.

"You're right, he'll never see this film," says Baker. "But I think he'll experience it in a way that he'll enjoy".

"He will enjoy it," says Larry Freeman. "Of course he will know the story. He'll know the ending too."

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