Ulis has busy summer, looks to rest before camp

Tyler Ulis has been on the go. He was in Lexington for a camp at UK Monday. That night he was in Toronto to watch a Drake concert. Tuesday Ulis was back in Kentucky at a ProCamp in Louisville. Before training camp with the Phoenix Suns he's looking to get some rest.

"It was a long summer with the workouts for the teams, preparing for the draft, everything, said Ulis. 'So I'm just trying to get a little rest and prepare myself for training camp."

The Suns made Ulis the No. 34 pick in the June draft and the former Kentucky point guard was impressive in summer league play in Las Vegas. At only 5-9, 150 pounds Ulis has always had a lot to prove and he knows he hasn't changed the feeling that size matters.

"Not Yet," said Ulis. "Everybody thinks size matters, regardless, they're going to always believe that no matter what smaller guards do at that level but we're just going to keep out there and try to prove them wrong."

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