Warford, UK linemen, adopt different personalities on game day

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK guard Larry Warford describes his teammates on the offensive line as nice guys.

"I'm not a mean guy, by any means. I see them the same way," Warford said after Tuesday's practice. "Off the field, you can come up to any one of us and start talking and we'll joke around with you. We're fun guys to be around."

So nice in fact, Kentucky coach Joker Phillips has jokingly questioned if a couple of the younger offensive lineman talk. Zach West and Darrien Miller are both from Lexington, and by most accounts, are quiet, mild-mannered guys.

"I thought they would try to text each other during the game," Phillips said on Monday at his weekly press conference. "They don't talk. They don't. They don't talk. But they do on game day."

Warford suggested that when it's game time, he and the his teammates take on different personalities.

"When we come onto the field, it's like all of us are a different person."

Just how different?

"Half of us turn evil," Warford said. "Zach (West) just turns crazy. I'm just mad all the time. Kevin (Mitchell) doesn't want to talk to anybody. It's almost like schizophrenia. We're just completely different guys on the field."

Warford also said he's in better shape this season, which means he's better suited for UK's new hurry up offense.

"When you go for so many plays, at that pace, it's tough, I'm not going to lie," he said. "Last year I wouldn't be able to do this. I got in such better condition."

UK has been using a no-huddle offense, which means once the previous play is blown dead by the officials, the Wildcats hurry to the line of scrimmage. Warford laughed about sometimes having to wait a few seconds while quarterback Maxwell Smith looks to the sidelines for the next play call.

"My thighs start burning and I'm like 'Come on!'" he said, of having to stay in his stance.

"There's times I'm yelling, 'Call the play! Hurry!' My legs are just dying and I'm getting mad."

But he said a little pain is worth it.

"We've been putting up some good numbers. It does gash defenses That's one way of looking at it," Warford said.

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