WATCH Jim Caldwell's FastCast

WATCH Jim Caldwell's FastCast

Rounds of heavy rain will roll over the same spots again and again today.

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Flooding issues continue

WATCH Sayre pays tribute to teen brothers killed in weekend crash

At the 42nd District Tournament in Lexington, a moment of silence was held to honor the two brothers killed in a crash early Sunday morning.

Doctors say controversial treatment for new moms with drug addiction a success

Doctors say a treatment strategy is a proven success in battling the opioid epidemic among new mothers even though it still has some opponents.

WATCH Rain, mud taking toll on central Kentucky farmers and their cattle

Gary Hamilton is Montgomery County's extension agent for agriculture and natural resources. He said the wet and muddy conditions pose a real threat as farmers head into calving season.

WATCH Rising water affecting Rockcastle County streams, lakes

Creeks and streams are overflowing, making it difficult for drivers to get through.


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