WATCH Jim Caldwell's Fastcast

Wed Jun 19 03:57:11 PDT 2019

WATCH Jim Caldwell's Fastcast

Showers & storms could be strong to severe later today.

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

A chilly and quiet weekend

WATCH The Breakdown: Sen. Rand Paul visits Lexmark

The Breakdown: Sen. Rand Paul visits Lexmark

WATCH Group winterizes Lexington homes to knock down utility bills

Community Action Council organizes the event every year for low incomes and disabled households to save money on their bills during winter.

WATCH Gods Pantry workers fill baskets, create 4,500 Thanksgiving dinners

4,500 boxes are being prepared and donated for the Sharing Thanksgiving program, an event that God's Pantry Food Bank hosts ever year so everyone can experience Thanksgiving.

WATCH 15-year-old charged in deadly Lexington shooting

A report from the Lexington Police Department states that a 15-year-old male has been charged in a shooting that killed a 17-year-old on Kingtree Court.


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