WATCH Aerial video of Jessamine County hiker rescue

WATCH Aerial video of Jessamine County hiker rescue

Officer Don flew over the scene where a hiker rescue is underway in Jessamine County.

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Tropical rains continue to increase

WATCH Gruesome details revealed in testimony over Savannah Spurlock's death

Investigators are releasing new details in the death of Savannah Spurlock during court testimony Monday.

WATCH State officials warm of rabies threats

Warm summer weather also brings out many rodents and creatures that can carry rabies.

WATCH Flooding, trees down after strong storm in Lexington

Strong storms pushed through the area earlier today, wreaking damage across the city.

WATCH UK scientist: 'suicide rates higher in KY rural communities'

University of Kentucky researchers are unraveling the mysteries behind suicide.


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