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Mon Jul 22 14:36:53 PDT 2019

WATCH Chris Bailey's Fastcast

Heavy rain ushers in a September feel

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Light snow maker cruises in on Wednesday.

WATCH The Breakdown: Refuge for Women to open new emergency home

January is Human Trafficking Awareness month and while it may seem like a big city problem, places like central Kentucky are no stranger to the crime.

WATCH Bill would require Kentucky school buses to have stop-arm cameras

The Kentucky House Transportation Committee passed a bill Tuesday that would take another step in keeping children safe as they get on and off school buses.

WATCH Man accused of sexually assaulting, killing young girl in Lexington

Lexington police have arrested a man in connection with the death of a young girl in December 2018.

WATCH The Bottom Line with Bill Bryant (01-28-2020)

The Bottom Line with Bill Bryant (01-28-2020)


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